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Giving back to Manta.  An inspiring act of generosity.

Nila and Ariel lived in a shack with their 5 kids. The shack provided little protections from the dust, rain water, bugs and other pests. The children living in these poor and overcrowded conditions were very susceptible to have health problems The Midero’s family have much less than the bare minimum to survive.

Rex Ito, who worked and lived in Manta for many years, decided to give back to this city and its most needed community.  His family and a very close group of friends raised enough money to provide a house to the Mideros.  This new home will have a significant and long-term influence on these kids’ life chances. Rex Ito and his friends, enabled our organization to ensure that the Midero’s family have the opportunity to flourish in a safe, secure and healthy environment.

Relieving some of Doña Jesus's pain

Doña Jesús was born with a severe progressive spinal deformity.  She lives with chronic pain.  Her husband sells mangoes in the street to support their family of five.  They lived in a small shack that gave them a little protection.

One of the many victims of the earthquake

“Doña Saba” and her family lost the few things they had during the 2016 devastating earthquake. For more than two months they have lived under an improvised tent.  We were extremely excited that we were able to provide them with a decent and worthy home to live in.

A home of their own

Wilmer's mother left 3 years ago and he lives now  with her sister Viviana, his father Ricardo, Carmen and Felix (grandparents) and his uncle Mauricio with wife and 2 kids....all of them lived in a makeshift 9x12 room constructed with cornstalk and cardboard with dirt floor.


The men of the house work making coal and as construction helpers when needed.  The family income is as low as $120 per month.

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