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A safe home for the Delgado Family

This is the Delgado Family.  José Luis, the father, spend most of the time at the sea, fishing to provide for his family, Karina, the mother takes care of their 3 kids, José Luis, 8 years-old, Valeria, 5 and the new baby Mateo that is only 2 months old.  Today, the Delgado Family is living in a safe house. Each of them sleep in their own bed and the kids have their own bedroom. They went from a 9x12 room that had collapsed twice in the past, with a bathroom outside the house and with water flooding the house each rainy season, to a 36x36 concrete house with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living area.

A new beginning for Laura

ROOFtoLIVE built a house for a single mother of two kids that lost everything in a fire.  Laura, 33 years-old lived in a small shack in a very poor community in ‘barrio 9 de octubre’ in Manta.  She bears sole responsibility for her household, and is the main source of income and sustenance.  When the fire happened, she was working and her 2 kids were in school.  When she came back from work, the only things she had left was the clothes she was wearing.  

Yolanda's Family

Yolanda with her husband and 7 kids, live in the ‘barrio 24 de Mayo’, a very poor community in the outskirts of Guayaquil city.  Yolanda’s husband lost his job in a warehouse because of a health condition.  He was becoming blind.  In addition to her 7 kids, her sister in-law, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair to move, lives with them.  They had no rooms, just one big muddy area where everybody slept, cooked and ate and a small outhouse with a latrine.

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